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Apr 2020


Engaging with the software geeks.

Crafting a Unified Brand for the Human Centered Technology Group

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Step into a world where technology meets human ingenuity, and you'll find the intersection of Intellicore and Fifty Fifty. This collaboration was born from a vision – to rebrand Intellicore and give rise to the Human Centered Technology Group. The journey began with a shared belief in the power of modernity and the human touch in crafting technical solutions.

From the outset, the discovery phase unveiled a pivotal truth – the need for a unified brand that not only embraces modernity but also puts the spotlight on the human element within the realm of designing and developing technical marvels. Intellicore's evolution into the Human Centered Technology Group laid the foundation for unity among diverse entities. A synergy that resonates in every facet of their brand.

Throughout the process, our concepts took shape, each carrying the promise of adding value to the in-house team. Our discussions echoed with the essence of adaptability, a trait intrinsic to the world of technology. The logotype's rounded typography and the intricate patterns within the brand itself are symbols of constant transformation. Just as Intellicore sports a wavy dotted pattern, each company within the group boasts its unique design, embracing the dynamic evolution of technology. The core message? Adaptation is key, and it all starts with the human touch.

The essence of humanity resonates throughout the brand, reflected in the imagery that paints the canvas of the brand's identity. It's a portrayal of the experts – the minds that architect and build the technological marvels we encounter in our daily lives. The imagery embraces the end user, painting a picture of satisfaction and contentment, whether it's with a laptop, tablet, or phone.

As the CEO of Intellicore, Barry Booth, aptly sums it up
"Fifty Fifty stands as a cornerstone of support for all brands within the group, a partner integral to the journey. Their approach intertwines expertise with a touch of fun, making them not just a fantastic company, but an exceptional collaborator."

The story of Intellicore and Fifty Fifty is a tale of crafting a narrative that embraces the future, celebrates human intelligence, and showcases the endless possibilities of technology. The partnership stands as a testament to the belief that innovation thrives in unity, and the journey continues to unfold, painting a canvas of shared growth and evolving narratives.

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