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Jun 2021


Fifty Fifty Named Branding Agency of the Year

Celebrating Recognition Amidst Industry Challenges

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We've often shared a sentiment in our pitch –

"We haven't won any awards yet, but do we really care?"

However, when the accolades finally came knocking, it took us by surprise in the best possible way. We proudly step into the spotlight as the awarded Branding Agency of the Year in Aberdeen.

This recognition carries a weight of significance, especially in the backdrop of a year that tested the mettle of our entire industry – both clients and agencies navigating uncharted waters. As an independent entity, the past twelve months have proven to be a formidable journey, challenging us to our core. And so, to be acknowledged with such an honour is more than just an accolade; it's a testament to resilience, dedication, and unwavering commitment.

The journey of an agency, like ours, is marked by a tapestry of achievements, milestones, and moments of triumph over adversity. This recognition isn't just a nod to what we've accomplished within the year; it's a celebration of the journey – the strides taken, the hurdles overcome, and the relationships nurtured.

The essence of Fifty Fifty isn't confined to awards but rather to the personal touch, the consistency that breathes life into our brand, the heartwarming client testimonials, and the sense of community that surrounds us. Our commitment to exceeding expectations and going the extra mile for our clients remains unwavering, and this achievement amplifies that commitment.

The words of the judges from Prestige Awards resonate deeply:

"We were impressed with your personal touch, the consistency of the brand, client testimonials, and community feel. We see you go over and above for your clients, and we hope this achievement brings you more success."

The Prestige Awards embodies a celebration of small and medium-sized enterprises, the local businesses and sole traders who excel in their markets. As we stand amidst this recognition, we're reminded that the journey continues – the pursuit of excellence, the nurturing of partnerships, and the commitment to creativity.

While the award may adorn our virtual mantle, the true testament lies in the unwavering spirit of Fifty Fifty – a journey marked by persistence, dedication, and an unceasing quest to elevate brands beyond boundaries.

This recognition isn't just a milestone; it's a reflection of the spirit that propels us forward, reminding us that the journey, much like branding itself, is a canvas that evolves, transforms, and paints a vivid tapestry of success.

Whether you're seeking a brand refresh or a complete website redesign, our team at Fifty Fifty is dedicated to empowering your business for the digital age.

Don't struggle on your own and let an outdated brand or website hold you back.