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Jul 2019


Conversations with Ellen Walvik, Navigating Collaborative Journeys

An Intimate Glimpse into Ellen Walvik's Dynamic Collaboration with Founder James Watson

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Join me as I share a glimpse of the collaborative voyage I've embarked upon alongside James Watson, the visionary creator driving Fifty Fifty. Our journey traverses creative landscapes, marked by shared values and the transformative power of partnership.

From Seeds to Synergy

My connection with James Watson found its roots amidst the shifting tides of corporate evolution. The moment unfolded when my role as Group Communication Manager at Add Energy intersected with the organisation that James was instrumental in. This intersection marked the inception of a unique journey.

James, then a skilled Graphic Designer, swiftly captured our attention with his talents. His capabilities unveiled an untapped internal resource. Together, we ventured into crafting a spectrum of marketing materials that transcended boundaries, breathing life into global initiatives while meticulously shaping the Add Energy brand.

Fast-forwarding to 2016, a fresh chapter began as I transitioned to Ace Oil Tools. At this juncture, my path aligned once more with James, this time through his freelance venture, Brand4Brand (now known as Fifty Fifty). This harmonious collaboration carried forward seamlessly even as I embraced my present role at Takst Team AS in Stavanger, Norway.

Seamless Bond

Despite geographical distances, our communication knows no bounds. Across emails, Skype calls, and chats, ideas flow effortlessly. The spirit of service at Fifty Fifty nurtures an ongoing dialogue, allowing ideas to dance freely between us.

Our partnership stands as a living testament to the adaptability of Fifty Fifty. Their designs seamlessly meld with various styles, moulding themselves to the unique identity of each partnered business.

This journey unveils the strength of collaboration, adaptability, and the beauty of creative harmony. Together, we transcend boundaries to create resonant brands and experiences that linger.

Crafting Universes, Together

My journey alongside James Watson embodies the very essence of collaboration. Our partnership isn't just about working together; it's a celebration of weaving narratives that defy geographical limitations. It mirrors the ethos of Fifty Fifty, where creativity flourishes, innovation reigns, and ambition knows no bounds.

This dynamic collaboration stands as a living embodiment of shared values, creative synergy, and the boundless realm of possibilities. As our journey evolves, it paints a canvas of endless horizons.

In Ellen's Words:
"Navigating this journey alongside James has been an illuminating experience. Through shared insights, mutual respect, and a commitment to excellence, we've unlocked a realm of creativity that knows no bounds. Our collaboration is a testament to the essence of partnership – a journey where every idea, every design, and every achievement is a testament to what's possible when minds and passions unite."

Stay tuned for more conversations and insights as we continue to shape our narrative of creative evolution and shared success.

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