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Apr 2022


Fifty Fifty Makes StartUp Awards National Series Shortlist

A Thriving New Venture Recognised Among the Most Promising Businesses in the Region

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Amidst the ever-evolving landscape of business innovation, a new chapter unfolds as Fifty Fifty earns a coveted spot on the shortlist for the StartUp Awards National Series. With excitement in the air, we stand as one of the most promising new businesses in the region, an honor that shines a spotlight on our commitment to creativity and growth.

The StartUp Awards National Series has emerged as a beacon, spotlighting the dynamic startup ecosystem that has surged across the UK, especially in the wake of the pandemic. A remarkable revelation emerged in 2020 – even as the world seemed to pause, more than 400,000 startups sprouted in Britain alone. Similar trends echoed across the European landscape, underscoring the remarkable resilience and innovation inherent in entrepreneurial spirits.

The inaugural call for entries witnessed an overwhelming response, with over 2,500 applications pouring in for the Startup Awards National Series. In the midst of this competitive arena, Fifty Fifty's presence shone bright, earning us a spot in the coveted finalist list.

James Watson, representing Fifty Fifty, shared his surprise and delight;

"The shortlisting was unexpected and truly humbling. Our vision has always been to position Aberdeen as a hub for creative excellence, propelling local brands to global recognition. We're equally committed to fostering opportunities for our local creative talent. The city is abundant with talent, waiting for their chance to shine."

This journey of recognition is supported by notable names including BT, EY, Dell & Intel – a testament to the importance of celebrating those who dare to dream and take the plunge into the realm of entrepreneurship. The StartUp Awards National Series is more than a recognition; it's a platform that applauds the individuals who transform ideas into tangible opportunities, demonstrating the power of innovation.

The series, co-founded by the team behind the esteemed Great British Entrepreneur Awards, follows the footsteps of the successful Wales StartUp Awards. This expansion was inevitable, fueled by the incredible potential and impact witnessed within startup scenes across various British regions.

Professor Dylan Jones-Evans OBE, a driving force behind the StartUp Awards National Series, resonates with the significance of new firms:

"Entrepreneurs fuel economic prosperity, create jobs, and drive innovation. Our aim is to celebrate the annual contribution made by these trailblazers to our economy and communities across the nation."

As we stand poised on this national stage, Fifty Fifty takes pride in being a testament to innovation and tenacity. In a world where startups shape the future, we embrace the journey, celebrating the passion, innovation, and unwavering spirit that defines entrepreneurship. The winners will be crowned in June, and we stand eager to witness the collective power of visionary minds shaping the world.

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