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Jun 2019


Unleash Bravery in Your Brand

Founder / Creative Director James Watson Exploring a Dynamic Networking Event

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Picture this: a vibrant networking event, GO NETWORK by Business Gateway, where branding is the pulsating theme. It's aptly named "Unleash Bravery in Your Brand." An occasion that simply resonated with Fifty Fifty's essence. So, what's the inside scoop on how James Watson, the driving force behind Fifty Fifty, experienced it all?

Imagine Google Maps playing its trickery, guiding you to the wrong side of Exploration Drive. The mission? Reach Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce's vibrant hub, where the action's unfolding. And in the nick of time, there I stood, amidst the buzz. That's when I bumped into Clare Lou, a burgeoning photographer captivated by Architecture, Objects, and Light. As conversations sparked, we registered and received playing cards – mine, the 9 of spades. An unexpected twist lay ahead.

The organisers took the stage, painting a canvas of the event's purpose. Playing cards in hand, we were to seek out fellow attendees sharing the same card and exchange our top branding tips. Anticipation rippled through as I glanced at the lady beside me, her card – the 9 of spades. It was the catalyst for what turned out to be an intriguing connection.

Engaging in conversation, I discovered she had walked the same path I embarked upon three years prior – a budding designer. Soon, a familiar face emerged, Jim Grimmer, also bearing the 9 of spades. We exchanged insights before I ventured forth, irrespective of card matches. Daniel and John became my next ports of call – two more designers. It felt like a meeting of creative minds, a possibility of future collaborations illuminating the horizon.

In the midst of these interactions, a thought crossed my mind: Could this multitude of individuals really be designers? The diversity was captivating, and my curiosity propelled me forward. My conversations unfolded, introducing me to diverse professionals. Derek Mair, an Accountant; Paul Allen, a Heating Engineer; Emma Massie, a Florist; and two gentlemen on divergent paths. One was sculpting a prototype for the Oil and Gas Industry, the other venturing into the Fashion realm, setting sights on the echelons of brands like Gucci.

The grand finale belonged to Andrew Dobbie, the Founder and Managing Director of Creative Brand Agency, MadeBrave. His words reverberated with inspiration, offering a treasure trove of insights for those embarking on a branding journey.

As the event curtain fell, the mosaic of diverse professionals, industries, and ambitions painted a rich tapestry. The experience cemented one truth: Networking transcends labels, creating a symphony of shared insights and possibilities.

This adventure into the world of branding and connection continues, mirroring the very essence of Fifty Fifty – a commitment to creativity, collaboration, and the ever-evolving landscape of branding. Stay tuned for more tales from this journey.

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