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Sep 2021


Hampco Teams Up with Fifty Fifty

Embarking on a Joint Venture to Craft a Cutting-edge Marketing Website

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In the realm where innovation and collaboration intertwine, a new chapter is being written as Hampco and Fifty Fifty join forces. As the story unfolds, we're excited to unveil our partnership with Hampco – a leading name in consulting engineers and bespoke equipment suppliers for the global oil & gas sector. Over the next two months, the journey will lead us to craft a dynamic marketing website that mirrors their expertise and ambition.

With headquarters nestled in the energy hub of Houston, Hampco's quest for a fresh and contemporary digital presence has brought us together. Their vision is clear – they seek a modern revamp that mirrors their cutting-edge offerings and resonates with their audience.

Our journey commences by weaving a UI framework and design system, poised to transform their website into a destination for both technical support and innovation. The essence is to usher in a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, nurturing an engaging user experience.

Collaboration is the cornerstone as Fifty Fifty immerses itself in Hampco's world. Understanding their business nuances and grasping the pulse of their clientele will lay the foundation for the exciting journey ahead. These insights form the bedrock of a rapid phase, encompassing user flows, stylescapes, wireframes, and visual prototypes. The culmination? A new website that effortlessly serves its purpose – delivering crucial information efficiently, while exuding a contemporary flair.

James Watson, our Creative Director, captures the essence succinctly
"We envision an adaptive, immersive design system that empowers users to seamlessly explore Hampco's offerings and latest breakthroughs. Our goal is to blend sleekness with accessibility, creating a digital realm that echoes Hampco's commitment to excellence."

In the tapestry of collaborative innovation, Hampco and Fifty Fifty emerge as the threads that weave expertise into experience. This partnership isn't just about a website; it's about shaping digital landscapes that resonate, inspire, and propel businesses forward.

Stay tuned as we breathe life into this vision, crafting a digital portal that echoes Hampco's prowess, encapsulating innovation, accessibility, and the spirit of collaborative growth.

Whether you're seeking a brand refresh or a complete website redesign, our team at Fifty Fifty is dedicated to empowering your business for the digital age.

Don't struggle on your own and let an outdated brand or website hold you back.