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Engaging with the software geeks.

Intellicore engaged with Fifty Fifty with a vision of rebranding Intellicore and creating a Human Centered Technology Group.

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From the outset and during the discovery phase we recognised the need for a unified brand which is modern and focused on the human element of designing and developing technical solutions. Intellicore was to become part of the Human Centered Technology Group so all companies had to be unified in some way. Throughout the process of coming up with the new brand we clearly outlined our concepts and the benefit of these to the in-house team.

Inspired by adaptability

The rounded typography in the logotype and various patterns in the brand allow the user or customers to feel constant change. For example Intellicore uses a wavey dotted pattern. Each company in the group has their own pattern this giving the idealisation that technology is always changing and you need to adapt your solution to be at the forefront. But remembering it always starts with the intelligence of the us... Humans!

Human element

We had to make sure that the human element was visible in the brand so the imagery throughout the brand had to include people, the team that were actually the experts that build or develop these technological solutions we use in our everyday lives. We also wanted to show the end user and them in a happy place with their laptop, tablet or phone whatever it may be.

"Fifty Fifty support all of the brands that reside within the group on a day-to-day basis and will continue to be an important partner to all of the group companies. All in all Fifty Fifty is a fantastic company, who are fun to work with and great at what they do."
Barry Booth, CEO, Intellicore

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