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A few words from our friend Ellen Walvik.

We asked Ellen Walvik for a few minutes to tell us about her working relationship with our Founder James Watson.

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When did your working relationship begin with Fifty Fifty’s James Watson?

I first met James when the company I worked for, Add Energy, bought over the company James was working for at the time. I was the Group’s Communication Manager based in their Norwegian headquarters in Stavanger. We outsourced all of our design work at the time until we met James.

As James was a Graphic Designer at the time we soon realised that he had a talent and that we now had the internal resource we could use going forward. Together we made a lot of marketing and communications materials. This was rolled out globally, as well as us developing the Add Energy brand.

I started to work with James’ freelance company, Brand4Brand (now Fifty Fifty), in 2016, when I started my former job in Ace Oil Tools. We have continued to collaborate since I moved into my current job at Takst Team AS, in Stavanger, Norway.

“No matter the issue of distance, it has been easy to communicate per Mail, Skype or Chat. Fifty Fifty are always service minded and we have had an open dialogue with Fifty Fifty since the very beginning. Ideas goes back and forth, with ease.”
Ellen Walvik, long-standing friend and client

It's really interesting to see how adaptable Fifty Fifty have been, when delivering designs and ideas to meet the varying styles, dependant on whatever business we're working with at the time.

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