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Hampco partners with Fifty Fifty.

Working closely with the Hampco in-house team over the next two months to create a marketing website.

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Hampco are consulting engineers and custom equipment suppliers to the international oil & gas Industry Hampco based in Houston, are looking for a modern and fresh new look to their website. We will develop a UI framework and design system for their website that will become one destination for the technical support and innovative company.

Fifty Fifty will be working closely with Hampco to understand the business and their customers. These insights will lead to rapid phase of user flows, stylescapes, wireframe and visual prototyping before the development of the new website. The result will be a website that focuses on giving customers the information they need faster with a great user experience and modern look.

“We will create an adaptive, immersive design system which allows users to view all Hampco's offerings and latest developments in a sleek and accessible way.”
James Watson, Creative Director, Fifty Fifty

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