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Unleash Bravery in your Brand.

Founder / Creative Director James Watson goes out to drum up some business and make new friends.

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The event was a GO NETWORK  event by Business Gateway. The theme of the event was branding and titled Unleash Bravery in your Brand, seemed like an appropriate event for Fifty Fifty to be attending.

How did it all go down for Fifty Fifty’s James?

After Googles wonderful Maps  taking me to the wrong side of Exploration Drive, I eventually arrived at Aberdeen Chamber of Commerces The Hub, where it was all happening. PHEW!! just in the nick of time.

After I arriving I bumped into Clare Lou turns out she is a budding photographer concentrating on Architecture, Objects and Light. We got chatting, signed in and got given a playing card, mine was the 9 of spades. I was like cool some sort of raffle and I could win some goodies. How wrong was I?

The organisers get on the mic and tell us a bit about the event and then tell us why we have playing cards. We had to find fellow attendees with the same card and give them our top tip on Branding.

Raring to go and mingle at this point I was stood there and even with my really bad eye sight the ladies card next to me caught my eye and it was the 9 of spades. Ready, Set, Go…I turn and start chatting to her and turns out she was in the same position as me 3 years ago starting out. Yup a fellow designer.

Then a long time acquaintance approaches, Jim Grimmer (also had the same card), we chatted for a bit before I took the opportunity to go meet other attendees regardless of what card they had. So I approach two more guys, Daniel and John again fellow designers. I was thinking this is great and great to meet fellow designers and maybe one day collaborate with them. Having comms with these guys can only benefit Fifty Fifty’s growth. With this in mind I was hoping all these people can’t be designers, can they? Off I went again.

I got chatting to a few more people all involved in different industries, Derek Mair an Accountant, Paul Allen a Heating Engineer, Emma Massie a Florist, and two other gentlemen, one who is prototyping a product for the Oil and Gas Industry and another who is entering the Fashion world and what a gent he was and has his sites on being involved with the likes of Gucci.

To finish up it was time for guest speaker Andrew Dobbie, Founder and Managing Director of Creative Brand Agency, MadeBrave to hit the mic with what was a very inspirational talk for anyone starting out and wanting to know more about Branding.

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