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With technology advancing at an unprecedented pace, Intellicore, a software development company, sought to bring a human touch back to their brand. They aimed to stand out in the crowded market and position themselves as a leader in software development.

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We worked closely with Intellicore to rebrand their company, starting with a discovery process to understand their unique approach to software development. We then created a new brand identity that reflected their human-first approach, including a new logo inspired by morse code. The logo icon was designed to symbolize the idea of bringing technology and humans together.

In addition to the new logo, we also developed a new website, motion, and animations that showcased Intellicore's unique approach to software development. The website was designed to be user-friendly and engaging.

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Intellicore's commitment to a human-first approach paid off, and our team's expertise in branding helped them achieve their goals. The new brand and website we created have helped Intellicore position themselves as a leader in software development and attract new clients who appreciate their unique approach.

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